Use Cases

These are possible markets for WorldInternet data roaming solution:

International Businesses

Many companies do not have data roaming plans. They pay high bills when their employees travel and need to use data. 

Businesses can reduce their data roaming costs by using our sims and e-sims.

We provide our services also with esim. You can use dual-sim and/or esim enabled devices and have a cheaper mobile data solution ready whenever it is needed.

International Deployment of Equipment

Worldinternet sims work in 191 countries and our sims are 2G/3G/4G/5G en in many countries also LTE-M enabled.

You can deploy the sims with the equipment and activate them when the equipment goes in service.

Local Deployment of Equipment

WorldInternet charges  a small fee per sim. Your equipment like cellular walkie talkies, EV chargers, meter readers etc use very small amounts of data. Cost of ownership for WorldInternet sims is attractive for equipment deployment.

You can activate and deactivate sims whenever it is needed. You will be charged only if your equipment is in operation.

Travel Industry and Hotels

Travellers pay a lot for data roaming services. Travel agencies and hotels can use our sims and e-sims to provide mobile data to their customers and earn a margin on it.

Our sims/e-sims are ready to use and do not require any registration.


WorldInternet also works with resellers and our portal is reseller capable.

Resellers can buy sims and data at attractive rates and sell roaming solutions to their customers.